Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sonia Kashuk for Target New Fall Nail Colors

Muted, dark colors are in for Fall nails.
Sonia Kashuk's new line follows suit:
$4.99 Each

Dusty punks, brownish burgundy, dark teal, and gray.
Do you like them?
I am not the biggest fan of this dark and heavy trend, though I do really like gray nails.

What to Buy from the Urban Outfitters Sale (APARTMENT)

$499 Belmont Storage Sleeper Sofa
There is storage under the seats and the back folds down. Also comes in an odd blue color.

$29.99 Mathane Studios bike banner

$59.99 each Beaded zigzag curtain
Beading makes these hard to wash but seriously no one ever really washes their curtains anyway.

$29.99 White Rabbit Curtain
Good for a room with a single window

$74.99 Owl Medallion Quilt
It's poly and not cotton, so I wouldn't have it for your regular bed quilt, but maybe as an extra blanket?

$39.99 Round pintuck floor pillow
More seating, immediately.

$24.99 Atlas wrapped thermos
Quaint and pretty and keeps your coffee hot or your gazpacho cold.

$4.99 Sparrow cutout hook
I don't need more hooks, but now I wish I did.

$7.99 Over the door bird hook
Now this is the kind of hook everyone (even me) can use.

What to Buy from the Urban Outfitters Sale (WOMEN)



$39.99 Sparkle and Fade Silky Halter Romper

$49.99 Silence and Noise Architectural Dress

$49.99 Jeffrey Campbell Wood Wedge

$69.99 Bloch Brogue Oxford

$9.99 Cooperative Metallic Block Heel Skimmer

$19.99 Cooperative Cotton Wedge

$29.99 Worishofer slip on wedge

$39.99 UO diagonal stripe bathing suit

$44.99 Silence and Noise Chiffon Cardigan

$24.99 BDG Mid-rise Cigarette jean

$24.99 Pins and Needles Sailor Pant

$19.99 Fletcher by Lyell pleated short

$19.99 Pins and Needles Smocked Waist Culotte short

$29.99 Lucca Scallop short (but in Navy instead)

Etsy Finds of the Day

$95 Spotted cotton blouse
I like the pattern and the cut of this. Easy to pair with most skirts or pants.

$79 Faux leather jacket
The color and texture of this jacket look like real leather. I like how slim it is.

$27 Vintage wood nesting boxes
Do you ever wish you were Amish or something and that everything you owned was made of wood? Just me?

$358 Faun Legs
1. Why would you want these?
2. Especially when they are making the model so obviously unhappy?
3. Also, $358???

$48 Double Hammock
Whew, this is a refresher for your eyes after those faun legs.
Nice cotton rainbowy hammock.

100 Years of Fashion Video

How cool is this?
I think it is fun to see which styles still look appealing to our eye and which highlight strange parts of the body or another aesthetic.

What to Buy from the Urban Outfitters Sale (MEN)

E says he is breaking up with UO, but I think he will reconsider after seeing the men's items for sale.
There are also a lot of good home, accessories, and women's clothes to, which I will make another post for.


$4.95 Chevron sock

$19.99 Crosshatch sneaker

$39.99 Suede thin sole Oxfords

$29.99 Stapleford East West Messenger bag

$16.95 Altru Montauk yacht clubTee

$39.99 Charles and 1/2 Waxed Racer Jacket

$24.99 Penny Stock Striped Cardigan
$19.99 Your Eyes Lie Wood tee shirt

$39.99 YOS by Fremont Apparel Shawl neck sweater

$39.99 Big Star Division Straight New Rift Jean

$12.99 Character Hero 5 Stripe Engineer shirt

$49.99 UO Sandstorm boot

$69.99 Ben Sherman Washed Cotton Herringbone Bomber Jacket

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What to Buy from the Anthropologie Sale

Now is the time of year when you should go out and make fast friends with someone who works for Anthro or Urban Outfitters, because now is the time when employees get 40% off already marked-down sale items (usually employee discounts only apply to full priced items).

Here is what I want:
$19.99 Redux Top
The pleats are unexpected with the striped collared shirt

$99.95 Artist's Rendering Dress
I used to have a great dress that showed a space shuttle launch scene. Ever since I decided it was a little too short, I've wanted to replace it with a fun "scene" dress.

$49.95 Tiburon Blouse
I like the painterly color strokes and the loose relaxed fit.

$49.95 Traced and tabbed blouse
Very small delicate print and roll-up sleeves are nice for work.

$29.95 Confluence top
Drapey and comfortable but still nicer than a regular tee

$49.95 Evening Chill Sweater
I like the shorter sleeve length and the wide weave.

$49.95 Lapel skirt
Definitely wear the shirt tucked in with this one.

$139.90 Pebble Beach Set
All silk and all luxury. I want to lounge around the house all day in this. But they are sold separately and the bottoms and top are 69.95 EACH which makes it not that worth it probably.

$79.95 Hacienda Heels
Fun red woven pattern on a nicely shaped shoe

$19.95 Deco Dash Headband in ivory
A quick and easy way to dress up your hairstyle. It's probably too big for my tiny head though.

$99.95 Anya Sheet Set
I know I don't need new sheets, but these are so pretty! And I know a girl named Anya and she would totally love these sheets too.

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