Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cool Backpacks from Urban Outfitters

It's back to school season, and UO is offering some classy and grown-up backpack options so people for whom Jansport is not enough can still tote their books in style.

Here are the ones I like:

$68 Ecote Canvas rucksack
Also comes in olive and gray

$69 Deux Lux stripey canvas backpack
Also comes in white and gray stripe

$24 Baggu foldable nylon backpack
Your groceries want to be carried by elephants! They told me so.

$129 Dusen Dusen satchel
I like the native american style print and the faded color.

$39 Cooperative Scout backpack
Rugged and rustic for a man or woman. Also comes in tan.

$59 Denna & Ozzy Colorblock backpack
Also comes in brown and black. Good for a fashion student.

$59 Deux Lux boxy buckle backpack
Elegant and classic.

$89 Herschel Supply Co Little America backpack
This is more of a hiking or traveling pack, but I really liked it so I wanted to put in in.

$49 Cooperative square flap backpack
This is a great city chic backpack for women or men.

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