Friday, August 19, 2011

Great Online Store: JenFashion Boutique on Etsy

I linked to the red line collar shirt before, but looking more deeply in to the JenFashion line, I thought it deserved its own post.
Jen seems to work mostly in jersey and viscose, and creates striking graphic designs in her clothing. She can't spell for shit, but she can sew you under the table.

$49 Blue tie blouse
This drapey and loose thin sweater has a knotted tie neck. I'd probably trim and hem the ties a little so they don't get stuck in your crotch when you walk. (Yes, I have other shirts and dresses with long ties like this so I speak from experience.)

$65 Black line nude dress
I like the simplicity of this one, and how futuristic it looks. I'd like it with tall black booties or platform gladiators.

$40 Tropical print bathing suit
The wide straps and the faded colors in the print make this suit look vintage, but it's all freshly made. Good detail with the black piping around the edges.

$49 Stripes button down shirt
This one is a woven fabric instead of a jersey, and I hope Jen does more along this line. The changing orientations of the stripes show a lot of care and time went into the making of this. I think the chevrons on the placket are slimming and the increasing button spacing is unique.

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