Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Steamy

I've wanted a garment steamer for a long time now; my best friend has one and so does my sister, but I've been hung up on which one to choose.
I asked around online and looked up reviews and here is what I learned to look for:
-over 1400 watts
-built-in clothes rack
-don't get a hand-held one
-metal head so it can act as an iron
-crease and brush attchments
-non-metal handle so you don't get burned

I had gotten a 20% Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, so I used it to buy this model which has all of the above features and more:
$169.99 ($134 after 20% off) HAAN professional garment steamer

If you don't already know about the advantages of having a steamer, let me tell you a little more...
You don't have to go to the dry cleaner because this can un-wrinkle and sanitize almost all of your clothes.
You can steam clothes top to bottom without worrying about buttons, collars and temperature settings like you would with an iron.
It's gentler on your clothes than ironing or dry cleaning.
It doesn't use any gross chemicals like dry cleaning does.
You don't have to set up anything elaborate like an ironing board, and the steamer makes it easy to just do one or two things at a time so you don't rack up a huge "to be ironed" pile.
The temperature is hot enough to kill bed bugs, mites, etc in case you worry about those things (and in NYC who doesn't?).
You don't have to wait for things to come back from the cleaner.
It won't burn your house down like an unattended iron--it shuts off automatically and dispenses water anyway so it would be hard to get a flame going.

So my new steamer is on its way to me!
I'll let you know how it goes once I've used it a few times.

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