Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Black Moto Leggings I Want

I want moto leggings!
I have some from H&M that I got a few years ago and they have too many holes and I need to throw them out but I love them too much.
It just occurred to me that I could in fact probably buy a new version.

So here are some options:

These are specifically for new moms and have a high compression waist which appeals to me.
They are expensive for leggings though!
And I am not sure if they are cropped, which I wouldn't like.

These look cute and I like the knee detail but I am not sure that I like the shinyness and the zipper stuff. 
Usually when I wear leggings I don't like to show the top of them anyway, since I have a longer shirt.

These are so cool and pretty cheap! Might have to get them just to see.
I am not sure the zippers are flattering and they don't have quite the moto feel I wanted but I like them anyway. Plus the high waist might be good.

Well these are super cheap so maybe worth a shot.
I think there might be a little too much moto going on, with the diagonal seams, we will see if these grow on me.
Also these are in the junior's dept so size up.

*Yes! These are almost exactly what I had from H&M down to the heathered look as well.
I love these. Cool enough to be different but not too crazy or distracting.

These look great and high quality, but the price? eek
They say they fit large so order a size down.

*I like these! not quite sure what the difference is between these and the $34 Nordstrom ones... maybe a few more seams?
These are a top contender.

Surprisingly these are very different from the ones I already bought even though they are H&M.
Even though these are listed as leggings, the top part makes me think they are more like pants. And they are thicker looking in the pic.
These are imitation leather and come in black and grey which is cool but not the comfortable feeling I want.
I do like the style of these though.
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