Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Maternity MVPs

Now that I am post-pregnancy, but before I forget what it was like, I thought I'd do a quick roundup of my most valuable purchases during maternity.
These are the items that I would definitely get again, and recommend to others as well.
If I have enough steam, I'll also do a 0-6 month MVPs post as well.

So, in retrospect, here is what I got the most use out of during the pregnancy:

1. Lamaze Sleep Bra

This was necessary very soon into my pregnancy when my boobs hurt all the time. They took a break in the second trimester, then came back in the 3rd. I am still using this now that I am nursing and pumping and having blockage issues. It's by far the most comfortable bra I own.
Get it in 2 sizes- your regular and then 1 up- for when you are a swollen puffy mess and when you are more normal.

2. U Pillow

This was great esp 5 months in and afterwards, when I was so physically uncomfortable and my hips were aching all the time. The U pillow is better than a one sided body pillow because you don't have to move it to change sides, it has another side right there. Sounds like a little thing but when turning yourself over and moving around is a big hassle, you don't want to have to move a WHOLE PILLOW too.
The last month you will be willing to pay any amount of money for better sleep so just buy this early and don't be upset about spending $100 on a temporary pillow.

3. Boot Jack
Uggghhhh I am so happy I can bend over again! But when I couldn't, and when reaching down for shoes was such a hassle, I was really happy to use this.

4. Boat Shoes a full size up
My feet got SO swollen that not even my flip flops would fit and it was still chilly out anyway, so I really just wanted a slip on shoe.
Not even my soft moccasins would fit because the part that went over my foot was too much material to fit.
 I went to DSW and tried on every goddamn shoe there and couldn't fit in to nearly any of them. It must have showed on my face because all these women gathered round and said "oooh I remember those days."
Trying on shoes and repeatedly bending over for them sucks bigtime when you are hugely pregnant, so just be smart ahead of time and get yourself a pair of boat shoes with a low vamp (the part that covers the toes).
If you never need them, good for you and you can return them, but they are great to have in your house ready to go so you don't end up crying in DSW.

5. Nexium

Reflux is the WORST!
I tried all sorts of ways to quell it but my first tri was a mess and then from about 24 weeks til the end was horrible. Until Nexium! The second day I was on it and it kicked in and I didn't feel like puking, I would have named both of the girls Nexxium no questions asked. It was a ray of light from above. None of the other crap like keeping upright, tums, prevacid, or zantac worked at all. Screw those jokers and all hail Nexium.

6. Kind bars

All of a sudden I was suddenly starving about ever 2 hours, but could hardly keep anything down. I OD-ed on Kind bars in the end but they were really crucial for getting protein and some healthy stuff in me.
I would always have at least 2 flavors in my purse and then when I would have to wait for an extra 40 min at the doctors office I wouldn't die from hunger (though I still told them I was going to).

7. Coconut water

After puking, you want something refreshing and something light but that has a little flavor and maybe some calories to replace what you just yakked up. Harmless Harvest was and is my jam. It's also really good for that immediate thirst that happens when I am pumping or nursing now.
PS- Don't be tricked by the chocolate or cinnamon coconut waters that Fresh Direct has, they are GROSS.

8. Milkshakes
$4-$8 depending on where you get it

The great thing about being insanely pregnant in the winter is that there is no line at DQ. And when there is no line, and when you are coming in every 3 days for the same milkshake, you become a recognized regular and they see you waddling in and can start making your shake before you belly up to the register.
So anyway, Mint oreo royal shake, no whip, extra cookies on top.
It's what the baby needs.
My doctor said it has calcium and protein and fat and that those are good things for the baby. She also said things like "watch your sugar" but whatever.

9. Maternity leggings

HM or Old Navy will be good, normal leggings start to hurt at the waist. You would think that your normal ones are stretchy enough but you would be wrong and eventually they start digging at the waist and it makes you not want to go to your exercise class or whatever. Just get them.
Get 2 pairs of black because sooner or later it is all you will wear. I got too many real maternity pants or jeans and ended up wearing leggings most of the time anyway.
GET THE FULL PANEL NOT THE UNDERBELLY. They are more comfortable and they smooth out your belly button when it pops.

10. Maternity underwear
Yes, it seems silly but it is worth it to get a few new pairs once you are getting large and in charge and everything is uncomfortable. Even if you are fitting into your old undies, you are probably stretching them and will be mad at yourself later. The regular hanky panky V cut underwear and the HM Mama underwear are great.

11. Maternity hoodie
I got a workout hoodie from the Gap and I wore it all the time, even normal hoodies didn't hold my bump and this was more flattering than wearing a giant boxy thing of my husband's.
Its a good substitute for a light jacket too.

12. Maternity tanks

These are longer than normal tanks and stretchier.
I liked the maternity Tamis from Old Navy.
If you have a tank like this you can wear a normal cardigan or blazer open over it so you don't need all new clothes.There is almost always a sale.

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