Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Maternity MVPs

Now that I am post-pregnancy, but before I forget what it was like, I thought I'd do a quick roundup of my most valuable purchases during maternity.
These are the items that I would definitely get again, and recommend to others as well.
If I have enough steam, I'll also do a 0-6 month MVPs post as well.

So, in retrospect, here is what I got the most use out of during the pregnancy:

1. Lamaze Sleep Bra

This was necessary very soon into my pregnancy when my boobs hurt all the time. They took a break in the second trimester, then came back in the 3rd. I am still using this now that I am nursing and pumping and having blockage issues. It's by far the most comfortable bra I own.
Get it in 2 sizes- your regular and then 1 up- for when you are a swollen puffy mess and when you are more normal.

2. U Pillow

This was great esp 5 months in and afterwards, when I was so physically uncomfortable and my hips were aching all the time. The U pillow is better than a one sided body pillow because you don't have to move it to change sides, it has another side right there. Sounds like a little thing but when turning yourself over and moving around is a big hassle, you don't want to have to move a WHOLE PILLOW too.
The last month you will be willing to pay any amount of money for better sleep so just buy this early and don't be upset about spending $100 on a temporary pillow.

3. Boot Jack
Uggghhhh I am so happy I can bend over again! But when I couldn't, and when reaching down for shoes was such a hassle, I was really happy to use this.

4. Boat Shoes a full size up
My feet got SO swollen that not even my flip flops would fit and it was still chilly out anyway, so I really just wanted a slip on shoe.
Not even my soft moccasins would fit because the part that went over my foot was too much material to fit.
 I went to DSW and tried on every goddamn shoe there and couldn't fit in to nearly any of them. It must have showed on my face because all these women gathered round and said "oooh I remember those days."
Trying on shoes and repeatedly bending over for them sucks bigtime when you are hugely pregnant, so just be smart ahead of time and get yourself a pair of boat shoes with a low vamp (the part that covers the toes).
If you never need them, good for you and you can return them, but they are great to have in your house ready to go so you don't end up crying in DSW.

5. Nexium

Reflux is the WORST!
I tried all sorts of ways to quell it but my first tri was a mess and then from about 24 weeks til the end was horrible. Until Nexium! The second day I was on it and it kicked in and I didn't feel like puking, I would have named both of the girls Nexxium no questions asked. It was a ray of light from above. None of the other crap like keeping upright, tums, prevacid, or zantac worked at all. Screw those jokers and all hail Nexium.

6. Kind bars

All of a sudden I was suddenly starving about ever 2 hours, but could hardly keep anything down. I OD-ed on Kind bars in the end but they were really crucial for getting protein and some healthy stuff in me.
I would always have at least 2 flavors in my purse and then when I would have to wait for an extra 40 min at the doctors office I wouldn't die from hunger (though I still told them I was going to).

7. Coconut water

After puking, you want something refreshing and something light but that has a little flavor and maybe some calories to replace what you just yakked up. Harmless Harvest was and is my jam. It's also really good for that immediate thirst that happens when I am pumping or nursing now.
PS- Don't be tricked by the chocolate or cinnamon coconut waters that Fresh Direct has, they are GROSS.

8. Milkshakes
$4-$8 depending on where you get it

The great thing about being insanely pregnant in the winter is that there is no line at DQ. And when there is no line, and when you are coming in every 3 days for the same milkshake, you become a recognized regular and they see you waddling in and can start making your shake before you belly up to the register.
So anyway, Mint oreo royal shake, no whip, extra cookies on top.
It's what the baby needs.
My doctor said it has calcium and protein and fat and that those are good things for the baby. She also said things like "watch your sugar" but whatever.

9. Maternity leggings

HM or Old Navy will be good, normal leggings start to hurt at the waist. You would think that your normal ones are stretchy enough but you would be wrong and eventually they start digging at the waist and it makes you not want to go to your exercise class or whatever. Just get them.
Get 2 pairs of black because sooner or later it is all you will wear. I got too many real maternity pants or jeans and ended up wearing leggings most of the time anyway.
GET THE FULL PANEL NOT THE UNDERBELLY. They are more comfortable and they smooth out your belly button when it pops.

10. Maternity underwear
Yes, it seems silly but it is worth it to get a few new pairs once you are getting large and in charge and everything is uncomfortable. Even if you are fitting into your old undies, you are probably stretching them and will be mad at yourself later. The regular hanky panky V cut underwear and the HM Mama underwear are great.

11. Maternity hoodie
I got a workout hoodie from the Gap and I wore it all the time, even normal hoodies didn't hold my bump and this was more flattering than wearing a giant boxy thing of my husband's.
Its a good substitute for a light jacket too.

12. Maternity tanks

These are longer than normal tanks and stretchier.
I liked the maternity Tamis from Old Navy.
If you have a tank like this you can wear a normal cardigan or blazer open over it so you don't need all new clothes.There is almost always a sale.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pre-natal massage spots in NYC

Here is a quick list of NYC spas that accept Spafinder gift certificates (which I can get through my Amex points) and do pre-natal massage:

1. Ritz Carlton Midtown $220/60 min (has steam room)
2. Cornelia spa at the Surrey hotel UES  $175/60 min (has tubs for pre treatment relaxation)
3. Great Jones spa Noho $145/60 min or $205 for 90 min (has water room which you get access to if your treatment is over $100)
4. Guerlain spa at the Waldorf Astoria Midtown $195/50 min or $265/80 min
5. Mandarin Oriental Midtown $325/80 min (has tub, steam room, if you book a half day treatment you get access to the big pool)
6. Peninsula spa Midtown  $205/60 min or $315/90 min (has steam room, pool, tea room)
7. Red Door spa at the Chatwal Midtown $150/50 min (saltwater lap pool and jacuzzi plunge pool)
8. Clay spa Union Square $125/60 min (sauna)
9. Oasis day spa Midtown $130/60 min (prenatal table)

I think to me the Chatwal has the best deal, since I really want the pool experience too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Silhouette rings

Check out how cool these silhouette rings are from Cameo by Rux:

They are completely custom so you send them a picture of a profile you want and they create the ring from that.
I think this would be an awesome choice for wedding rings or as a push present for new moms.

At first glance they just seem like ridged rings, but looking at the sides shows you the profile of someone you love.

They come in 18k yellow, white, or rose gold and you can get the skinnier kind or the thicker kind. Thicker ones cost more.

The site also has plastic bangles that feature the same custom profile look, and busts and tops, but I think the rings are the nicest.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The most useful maternity purchase I've made

I've bought a lot of things so far during this pregnancy, including maternity clothes, new bras for my expanding ribcage, and most recently new shoes for my puffy 3rd trimester feet.

Hands down the one I am most grateful for is my boot jack.
If you haven't heard of these (and I hadn't until someone in my prenatal yoga class told me to get one), they are devices that sit on your floor near your door, and have a prong on one end that you put your heel in. You step on the other side and it helps you take your boots off.

If you are pregnant now or plan to be pregnant, especially during the winter months, GET ONE!!

There are tons of different varieties and looks that are all variations on the basic theme of "crotch to stick your heel in" so I chose to go with a cute one shaped like a cricket instead of a forked piece of plastic or wood.

This cast iron guy is just over $20 but you can get a boring wooden one for under $10.

Bending over my belly to reach my feet is increasingly impossible, and I am so glad to use this instead.
It is much nicer to your boots and shoes than stepping on the back of your own heel and wiggling out, and it requires a lot less balance.

Even now that boot season is hopefully ending, I am still using this to get out of my boat shoes. And since it's a cute little bug, I think I will be keeping it around near the front door post-pregnancy as well.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Highlights of the maternity and nursing clothes on Zulily now

Right now there are some very cute maternity and nursing items up on Zulily.
I am not buying any more maternity clothes since I only have about 8 weeks left, but I am looking at the nursing stuff and I know a lot of my preggo friends are looking for Spring and Summer gear now.

Here are the items I like best and think are good deals:

$37 Pink Blush striped maternity maxi dress
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
This dress looks comfortable and disguises swollen cankles as well.

 $27 Black faux leather maternity leggings

Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!

Leggings are exactly what I want to be wearing right now, and these look more dressed up and put together than the normal maternity legging.

 $33 Rami Lee black Maternity Jumpsuit
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
 I think this is so cute! It doesn't come with the camisole so you will have provide that. The only problem is that if you pee as often as I do now, I am not sure you will want to be dealing with a jumpsuit. Maybe this is best for first trimester people.

$35 Pinkblush Striped Gray and lace maternity dressClick Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
This would be easy to wear as a beach cover up or just a normal dress, or even a nightgown. It has an empire waist and cute lace detail at the bottom.

 $18 Can't Wait black v neck maternity dress
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
I like the shape of this and the v neck shows a little skin without being scandalous.

$18 LAMade Twist maternity dress
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
As I have said before, I love this brand and their comfortable jersey knits and I think this dress is pretty. And so cheap now!

$33 Black Maternity Tankini
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
Swimming would feel so good right now, and this tankini is generous enough to fit your bump through all of its stages. It covers whatever stretch marks or fun new hair or dark lines you have on your belly, too.

$55 Pink and purple Maternity Tankini top
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
I like the shape and colors of this top even better than the black one, if you don't mind standing out a little more.


$40 Momzelle striped nursing top
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
I like the stripes on this, and the easy access panel blends more than most nursing tops because of them.

$55 Momzelle Blue Suzy nursing dress
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
I like the top wrapping part of this dress better than the simple crossover or flap styles I usually see.

$37 Momzelle Black nursing tee with birds
 Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
Put a bird on it!
Works on me, I like it.

$15 Seamless nursing camisole
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!
This also comes in black and I can see using each color often under other tops or cardigans.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The perfect gift for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, show them you care with a cockroach. Or a scorpion. Or if you really want, something furry and cute like an emperor tamarin monkey.

You can "adopt" animals (in name only, you don't get to keep it in your house) through the San Francisco zoo.

Seems like a good basic option

I don't know why, but it is good to know that you can get 2 cockroaches for a scorpion. This must be the economy somewhere.

In what world is a basic adoption of this guy the same as a scorpion??

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Awesome gifts from the MOMA store

I really loved my tumblers from the MOMA store, and while continuing my endless quest to find them again, I sometimes look at the store and see other cool things.

Here are some items I think would make great holiday gifts if you are still shopping:

For the kid/college student who has everything:
$28 Giant NYC Coloring Poster
It's almost 6 feet wide! That is so cool. Make sure to give them colored pencils or crayons with it so they don't use markers and then they bleed through to the wall or something.

For the young person with a new apartment:
$40 Rainbow tumbler set
These are not the regular ikea glasses that everyone has, and will make someone feel fancy and special to have them. Plus they make rainbows in your water, so that is an incentive to drink it, right?

For the person you don't know too well but have to buy something for at work, or your distant aunt:
$17 Unimug tea infuser
Everyone likes tea, or knows someone they can re-gift a tea thing to. This comes in under that $20 office party limit and looks really classy. And it's from the MOMA so that's impressive. I think the blue is the most neutral and sophisticated of the colors they offer.

For your design-loving brother:
$16 Spilt milk bowl
It's cool and it is a way fancier way to eat Cap'n Crunch. And it's a special one-off so you don't need to get a set or anything.

For your favorite woman (could be yourself):
$55 Glass bubble earrings
I like the idea of these glass earrings replacing more fussy dangly earrings or even pearls. They are simple and elegant but really pretty.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Things I think I need but I don't

Whenever I go shopping, especially when I am at a sample sale, I have to remind myself what I actually already have.

I was just at the APC Surplus sale, and they had some cute warm tights that were 70% off their original $90 tag, making them $27. I thought that was a pretty good deal and had them in hand and ready to go, but then I remembered: Hey Rebecca, you have a shit ton of tights and you really don't need any more.

Here is a short list of things I keep thinking I need when I see them, but I for sure don't:
  • Tights
  • Black ankle boots
  • Cross-body purse
  • Layering tank tops
  • Jeans, especially skinny jeans
  • Workout tops for warm weather

Are there things that you are always tempted to buy and then end up with lots of? 

Things that I should actually be looking for when I go shopping:
  • Tunics
  • Maternity dresses
  • Maternity sweater, hoodie or sweatshirt
  • Warm socks
  • Long skirts

Monday, December 15, 2014

Gifts for Preggos

Long time no shop!
Haha jk, I've been shopping plenty, I just haven't told you about it.
Mostly because my shopping lists have changed pretty significantly now that I am pregnant!

Now sample sales are less appealing because who knows when and if I will ever be able to wear those slinky dresses or cute jeans again. I did go to a few, looking for tunics and long tank tops, but it's not the same.

Anyway, there are all sorts of fun things out there that I can buy (just not at sample sales), and that YOU can buy for a special pregnant lady in your life, if you so choose.

U Shaped pillow

$99 Comfort U one piece pillow

As you can see, this mofo takes up THE WHOLE BED.
I asked for and got this very model for Chanukah (thanks, Mom!) and made the bed then threw it on top. There is absolutely no room for husbands or pets when you sleep with this thing. But it's so awesome.
It feels like you are at the bottom of a deep padded well, and unlike Baby Jessica, you don't want anyone to get you out.

I slept in it/with it for one night and am looking forward to doing so again later when I need to.
Right now I am only in my 2nd trimester and not yet physically uncomfortable when trying to sleep, so I am saving this for when it will be a real relief, and for when it's necessary. For now, it's not worth taking the whole bed up.

When I show people a picture of me in it, everyone including the healthy 25 yr old boys I work with has asked if you have to be pregnant to get this pillow. Nope, anyone who wants to be alone in a pillow pit can buy one. Though Amazon might try to sell you some nipple cream for a minute afterwards.

Gap Maternity Jeans

$75 Gap 1969 always skinny moto jean
I have these! Mine were on sale though at the time :P
They are faded black, skinny, and have a normal looking top part and some cool stitching around the knees.

Anyway, my favorite part is that the waistband doesn't look different from real jeans so you don't have to worry about finding a top long enough to cover it.
It has elastic inserts in the sides instead of a big broad panel over the top. See?

If you know her exact size, you can get her a pair. Jeans are hard though, sometimes you really just have to try them on.

Loft dress
This is only available in XS right now, but one review said it runs big so that might be perfect!
Not sure if I need a dress but this one looks kind of cute.

Max your Mat Leave Guide
$60 Max Your Maternity Leave PDF package
Not sure if this one is worth it, but if it can give me even one more day of paid leave, it will be.
I think I want this.
Here is what the deluxe package comes with:
 Maternity tights

$12 Zulily Black maternity compression tights
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!

These are things that I would rather not buy, bc UGHHHH so annoying to think about buying new staples just bc my belly is big, but would appreciate having so my tights don't press in on the waist.

Right now Zulily also has some maternity clothes by one of my favorite non-maternity brands, LAmade, so that is very exciting!
I love how soft their cotton is, it is just so comfortable.

Here are some things I like:

$22 LAmade Huckleberry dolman top
Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!

$18 LAmade black Noah supima foldover pants

Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!

$18 LAmade twist front dress in Twizzler
This also comes in huckleberry (royal blueish) and imperial blue (turquoise) and I like all 3 colors. Not sure which one would look best on me.

Click Here For My Zulily invite link which gets us both a discount!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SkyMall strikes again

It's been a while!
I've been traveling for work, and luckily for you that means I have had plenty of time to check out SkyMall for all the latest must-haves.
Remember, the holidays are coming up and there is no better place to purchase items for your loved ones than on a plane when you are bored and half drunk.

Let's see what special items there are for us:

"Get one of these shrub covers and end your struggling with ugly burlap or plastic bags!"
Who is this product for?
Who would buy a pillowcase for a bush?
Who would buy one in several sizes?
Who would make sure to buy one that has a leaf print so you know that hey, under there, that's a bush!!
I don't understand this.

Do you miss your Air Jordans?
Do you want to just pump it up sometimes and you don't know how, and also you really don't want to sit up or even leave bed?
Your pillow has arrived.

Let's take it back outside now for a clASSy seat.
This looks like a broken marble column, but NO!!!
It's actually a shitty plastic thing you bought for more than four hundred dollars!
And what's with the butt indentation?
Is that supposed to imply that your "Master" ass has worn the stone down over the years because you have bun of corundum?

Here's a fun trick to play when your house is on fire: you watch the firefighters struggle to turn the valves on your fake goddamn hydrant ornament as your house burns down and you just laugh and laugh.
Why else would this even be remotely appealing?

You know what I hate? Using my hands directly. That is like, so working class.
I would rather hold a tool. A tool to shove sheets under the mattress. I think that instead of just pushing them under there, I would like to try to find a piece of blue plastic and then insert it and make the whole process take longer and be a little more complicated.
And now I can, for under $20. Plus Shipping.

Sometimes I think my couch looks too comfortable and inviting. What I really want on there is a blanket that looks like a teeming mass of rabid squirrels. 
No one else is going to want to snuggle with a roiling, hanta virus laden tree rats, so the couch will be all mine.

Have you ever wondered how you could look more like a sad blueberry with a body made of mashed potatoes?
Have you ever wished for enough space for you to drop a load or 40 in your unitard?
Prayers answered.

Don't worry, Men! Got you covered too.
Pop this bad boy on and I promise she will think you are Adam Levine for the night. Works especially well for non-caucasians.
Who would suspect that the chest hair, the super realistic leather vest, and the amazing ink are all....part of an airbrushed tee shirt?!

But what will you wear that with?? One tee vest tattoo sleeve shirt does not an outfit make.

The best thing about this is that it is pretending to be sweatpants with a toolbelt, as if that is such a hard and onerous look to aspire to.
Jeans can be tight and uncomfortable, so pajama jeans, I get it.
That dumbass shirt above I get; who wants to buy that vest or get those tatts for real?
But this?
I am wearing sweatpants with a fake toolbelt so you don't know I am wearing... sweatpants!
The deceit! The effort! Why?

Let's close with something I actually want:

I'll take the whole room, take beach poster and all.

"Pamper yourself like never before with this functional work of art.

Float away on a cloud like bed into a bliss state with calming color changing light, relaxing music and soothing vibration. This SkyMall exclusive is created by the pod designer of Men in Black III and inventor of the original pod bed. Each pod is handcrafted in the USA from fiberglass into a seamless smooth monolithic piece with a shiny gel-coat surface, the pod's elliptical exterior blocks 90% of outside noise while it's interior two foci amplify sound inside. Using the latest technology and clinical research, the wireless sound system with plenty of bass will gently rock you to sleep with vibration. The LEDs change colors with a touch of a finger wirelessly form an app on your smartphone or tablet. Easily select your color or scene from an endless array of lighting customizations to create your own unique experience.

  • Inside the pod's elliptical opening is a 76 in. diam.
  • Round soft plush cotton topper on top of a memory foam mattress
  • Finish: Shiny polished gel coat (exterior). Matte gel coat (interior)
  • Color: white (interior & exterior)
  • Round and organic bedding: sheets, duvets and protectors
  • 78 in. Diam. x 34 in. H. (200 lbs.)
  • Handcrafted monolithic fiberglass
  • LED lighting system smartphone/tablet"

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