Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tree magnets

$10 Forest for your fridge

How cute are these little magnets?
They are made of exotic wood slices and little fake trees.
I think they would make a great hostess gift if someone has you over for a nice dinner party, or just a good any time gift to give me for existing.

You can get the trees in dark or light green, I like the dark better. More realistic and such.
I especially like the ones with layers of different wood. The description says the woods will vary but I hope they put at least one of those cool layered ones in each box of 3.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Signs that I am gardening too much...

I've been on all sorts of gardening and plant websites recently, hoping that the huge amount of rain we've been getting will lead to spectacular growth for my plants and seedlings. 
And I have come across something I had no idea existed. 


$10 for 6 melon cradles

Yeah, it's a piece of plastic that you can put your melon on as it grows to protect the bottom from the ground.

I love my plants, but I am not sure I would buy bras for them.

Supposedly, they help keep the melon from rotting or, god forbid, being kinda flat on one side like the head of a baby who only sleeps on its back.

Melon cradles but for your "melon up top," aka your head.
Pitch: Do you deform your child's skull and have him look weird in profile photos just to keep him from suffocating while sleeping? Well now you can not kill your kid AND have his head look nice and round with Rebecca's patented Baby Melon Cradle.

Who is underwriting my new business?
Thank you.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Solar system lollipops

These look so cool.
I know I don't like lollipops but I am so tempted:

$22 Solar system lollipop set

There are 10 in the set,
"Go on a voyage through our sweet solar system which tastes surprisingly delicious. This 10-piece lollipop set is completely edible and includes the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (Yes, Pluto. Take that Mike Brown!)."
They come in guava, blackberry, cherry, cotton candy (YUCKKKK) or strawberry.
It's too bad that the different planets aren't different flavors, you have to order all of them in 1 flavor.
I'd prob get strawberry or blackberry.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

3 cute one piece bathing suits on ModCloth

$80 Queen Bay one piece swimsuit

This bathing suit falls under my favorite category of eveningwear as swimwear. The elegant shoulders! The belt! The cut of the neck!
So pretty. And very Joan from Mad Men, no?
I like how you can wear the straps off the shoulder like this or you can pull them up into more of a V neck if you want more support.
It gets good ratings and is not that expensive (unlike some really pretty suits I just couldn't bring myself to buy)

$121 From Pier to There Scandale one piece swimsuit

The scallop design done in black dots and the black trim and halter on this bathing suit really accentuate the bust line and bring the eye right to that area, so I would recommend it to someone less endowed. The back is nicely full coverage too, if you are butt-shy.

PS- do you notice how this is the same model as the first pic? They use her A LOT. And they just keep putting wigs on her and stuff. It's a little eerie when you first realize it. WITNESS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 

$38 Off to the Ocean one piece swimsuit

Super cheap option! And very cool. I like the lightning digital print. Some day I think we will look back on these photo prints clothes with disdain, but today is not that day! I still love them. And lightning while you are swimming?? DANGEROUS!
I am a big fan of how low the back is on this suit. Some one pieces are really high in the back and I'm like hey, I don't need to cover it ALL up...

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