Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: White edition

$25 embroidered necklace from Skrynka
Delicate needlepoint on a light background- looks like you are wearing fancy pillows.

$17 White flower soaps from Satinandbirch
This would be a beautiful gift or decoration for a bathroom. They look so nice grouped together, but I could also see having a few on different shelves or putting one in a drawer to keep your clothes smelling nice.

$24 set of 4 tree stump placecard holders from MichikoShimada
These are very cute and would be good for holding photos or business cards as well.

$600 lace doily rug from ladiesandgentlemen
I bet this would be fun to make, fun to stand on, and nice to look at.

$55 Knitted lamp shade from biscuitscout
Warm and cozy until your house catches on fire.

Coach shoe sale- 50% off!

Coach is having a sale on their current shoe line, including the Maleena wedges I really want!
These are the sale shoes I think are the nicest:

Maleena Wedge now $99

Rue sandal now $69

Verronica wedge now $99

Bethanie heel now $109

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who is having a great Memorial Day weekend sale? GUESS

Guess- get it??????

Anyway, their stuff is extra cheap now and shockingly cute. I haven't shopped at Guess since 8th grade but I should start again.

$35 Meg romper

$47.50 Andrea jacket

$27.50 Jana shorts

$16 Blissful shorts

$32.50 Farrah drape jacket

Friday, May 27, 2011

What to buy from HighGloss.com's Memorial Day Sale

Highgloss.com is an online retailer specializing in junior's clothes, but there are definitely some age 25+ appropriate pieces to be found.
They are having a Memorial Day sale going on now, and here is what I would get from it:

$34 Ark & Co blouse
Don't look so sad, little teenager! Your blouse has hearts printed on it so you are, like, surrounded by love.

$5 Zad Mirror and Leather earrings
I assume you get 2, even though the pic is only of one. These are 3" long and would be great for a night out at the disco. Do they still have any of those?

$35 Urban Behavior Belted shirtdress
Most of my belts cost more than this belt+dress.
This is 32" long, which is 2" shorter than I like, so be warned that this might be one to wear with tights.

$15 Aztec Object flat
Comfortable-looking and a fun print. This would be a good travel shoe or beach shoe (if you don't like getting sand in your sandals).

Etsy finds of the day: Tablecloth Edition

Time for tablecloths! Spring is here and you should be doing your big Spring cleaning and washing all your linens and stuff. Like your tablecloths. Don't have any? Etsy can help.

$17.95 embroidered pink tablecloth from TotallyLinens

$14.95 patterened 1950s tablecloth from Kelleystreetvintage

$16 Round flower tablecloth from thriftycrow

$35 Strawberries table cloth from retrowonderful

Are those too sweet for your tastes?
Would you rather have one of these delightfully racist vintage tablecloths instead?

$15 Spanish themed tablecloth from vintagekeepsakes.com

$144 Vintage "Mammy" tablecloth from callmejasperLooks like you have to pay a lot for this racism. I hope some of it goes to NAACP.

$19.50 Vintage Nordic tablecloth from evergreenlane
People don't talk about their prejudices against Norwegian people as often as they should.

Stay cute in the rain

Today is a great sunny day, but this weekend we are headed for more storms. It's been an especially rainy Spring, which makes getting dressed less exciting and a little harder.

There are some option of what you can wear and still be fashionable when it's "wetter than sneezing in the shower," to quote a play my HS bf was in years ago. Here are a few at different price points:

Raincoats are hot and sticky and usually beige or black and very bland. I like lighter ones and fun colors.

$218 Oak army military poncho
Loose, geometric shape and short sleeves so you don't get too hot.

$59.99 K-Way Translucent hooded jacket
I love bright colors in the rain, and this coat is shaped nicely at the waist.


$29.99 Mossimo raincoat
Lightweight and cheerful

Are you looking for rain boots that you aren't ashamed of and don't have stupid prints that make you look like a toddler? I hate the Hunter boots that everyone seems to have now. I think they are clunky and boring and wayyyy overpriced for rain boots. Here are my alternatives:


$109.68 Loeffler Randall rain boots
I LOVE these! They look just like the Matilde boots that I covet, but in rubber. These are the kind of rain boots you can wear all day and not take off when you get to work.


$70.91 Kate Spade Randi boots
These have a low and sturdy heel for those of us who find it uncomfortable to switch to perfectly flat shoes.


$27.99 Quilted equestrian rain boot
Cool detail on top and look like boots I would wear normally.

Umbrellas are the Western world's last attempt at communal property ownership. Umbrellas come and go, you pick one up and put one down, and it never really seems to matter which one you end up with until it blows inside out and you want to kill it. Once I lent a friend my black umbrella and he came back with a blue one and a shrug of his shoulders.

Most umbrellas I see in NYC are the black Chinatown kind with the plastic hook handle, and those are cheap and work fine, but they all blend together and are a little drab.

Here are some umbrellas with a little more personality that you will be able to identify as yours at a restaurant and not end up with another one that looks like yours but with a broken leg.

$38 Echo batik print
Even the handle is patterened!

$22 Totes
Pretty polka dots in rainbow colors, plus I like clear umbrellas since the last thing you need on a gray rainy day is a dark umbrella casting dark shadows.

Another Steal:
$19.99 Pink daisy umbrellaAnd rain will make the flowers groooowww.

A Very Apt Horoscope

check out the horoscope I found in the newspaper stuck in the seat pocket in front of me on the train on Wednesday-- I'm a Gemini:


It basically told me to go shopping!
I'd already been, though, since I was early for the train and there is a Kmart in Penn Station. So it verified my purchases- Joe Boxer flip flops and a Rimmel eyeshadow quad in grays.

I can't find them on the Kmart website, but the flip flops I got were black thongs on a foam base made to look like cork. I needed comfortable flip flops that I don't care about so I can basically destroy them in Spain. I have pretty ones with sequins and good functional Havaianas that I don't want to ruin and don't look good with skirts, but I want the ability to just throw some out/get them dirty and these fit the bill, especially at $7.99.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: Spanish Edition

I'm going to Spain for vacation in a few weeks and I'm getting excited.
Here are some "Spanish inspired" pieces from Etsy.

$13 t shirt from neenacreates
No, little tee shirt, I love YOU!

$12 Boat brooch from lemontreevintage
Spanish Armada anyone?  
The Spanish Armada sailed from Spain in July 1588. The Spanish Armada's task was to overthrow protestant England lead by Queen Elizabeth I. The Spanish Armada proved to be an expensive disaster for the Spanish  but for the English it was a celebrated victory making Sir Francis Drake even more of a hero than he already was and even having an impact on Tudor Christmas celebrations!

$12 Wood castanets from souvenirsofspain
Clickety click.

$8 Vintage pen nib box from numeddura
Cool illustration and lettering, this small box would be good for keeping modern desk supplies like paperclips or flashdrives in.

$10 Vintage Spanish guitar brooch from stacie1965
Intricate details and cute green jeweled accents.

$40 Spanish colors poster from gracehesterdesigns
This would totally hang in the nursery of a graphic designer who wanted her kid to learn Spanish in the womb.

Great online store: Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a cute shop with some interesting apparel, home, and jewelry items.
Plus, there is some cool stuff on sale now!
$69.99 Phillips head screwdriver tuxedo buttons
More fun than the standard mother of pear

$59.99 Candlelight electriclight
A great combination that lets you choose the mood.

 $29 Copper solar soji lantern
These would be great for a garden or terrace. They collect light during the day and shine at night automatically. Plus they are pretty to look at even when they aren't on.

$19.99 Tree trunk bird feeder
A cute ceramic feeder that will bring birds to your window.

$9.99 Chunky Chalk
These colors are so sophisticated and nice in combination. They would make even your 3 yr old's sidewalk work look like a masterpiece.

$39.99 Geometric belt
Colorful and durable, woven in Peru. Would look great with jeans or over a loose white shirt.

$29.99 Grass luminary vase (small white)These vessels can be vases or candle holders, and when you put a candle in them, the grass blades glow with the light through the thinner ceramic there.

Nailpolish idea: Chevron tips cover chips

Despite my best manicure efforts and brand new base and top coats, I still get tip wear on my manicures.

I noticed that I had several chips on my left hand (why only left? I am a righty...) when I got to work, and I didn't have the color I originally painted my nails (Essie Topless and Barefoot) so I decided to do something fun with the color I do have here (H&M It's Genius M).

Doing crazy french manicures with wild colors is in right now, but I wanted something a little different, so I took that idea and modified the shape of the tip.
It was easy- basically I did two lines on each nail then cleaned up where I needed to.

I think it's neat and I like how the chevrons keep my nails looking long instead of blunt and squared off like they would with a straight horizontal line.

New trend? What do you think?

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