Monday, May 16, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: Girly edition

$22 Purple hair clip in extensions from leperqueen
Normally I wouldn't advise buying things from lepers to put on your head, but I am trying to be more sensitive recently.

$69 purse from renklitasarimlar
I love the shape of the bag and the handle and how they relate to each other.

$30 Star bloomers from mydelilahburlesque
Cute underwear that doesn't saw your butt in half.

$39 Bronze antler hair pins from WoodlandBelle
You can be a mini-deer

$70 Vintage 1970s lace dress from lullievintage
Both modern and old-fashioned with the short length and sheer sleeves but wide collar and high neck.

$55 "Versatile" feather wings from MetamorphDK
So versatile! You could totally wear these to work with .....umm.... or maybe you could wear them to a party with ....uuhhhh. Nope! But they are fun.

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