Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great online store:

Greener Grass Design is a shop based in Houston, Texas that carries a variety of home goods, apparel, and jewelry.
Here are some of my picks:

$36 Alone tablecloth
Simple design with place setting for one.

$125 recycled leather bag
The leather comes from couches, and I like the seams.

$16 creamer
The creamer has udders!! Like a cow!! Get it?

$10 Ten woodgrain hanging file folders with labels
Offices can be so boring, so class yours up with nice folders and then pretend that what is inside them is interesting.

$145 Hulger Penelope Phone
Someday when I am a grown-up and have a land line, I want a phone like this.

$29.50 Blomus Froma Cheese Slicer
This would be a great gift- FOR ME!
Or for people who like cheese- LIKE ME!
And it looks more expensive than it is so you can get away with it for a wedding present.

$28.50 Recycled Cardboard Cabin
Senator would love chewing on this and hiding in it. Plus when it gets all gross you can just stick it back in the recycling bin where it came from.

$8.50 Set of 12 Leaf Cable Ties
These would make your cluttered wires look nicer. Also would be good for attaching plant info to stakes.

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