Friday, May 27, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: Tablecloth Edition

Time for tablecloths! Spring is here and you should be doing your big Spring cleaning and washing all your linens and stuff. Like your tablecloths. Don't have any? Etsy can help.

$17.95 embroidered pink tablecloth from TotallyLinens

$14.95 patterened 1950s tablecloth from Kelleystreetvintage

$16 Round flower tablecloth from thriftycrow

$35 Strawberries table cloth from retrowonderful

Are those too sweet for your tastes?
Would you rather have one of these delightfully racist vintage tablecloths instead?

$15 Spanish themed tablecloth from

$144 Vintage "Mammy" tablecloth from callmejasperLooks like you have to pay a lot for this racism. I hope some of it goes to NAACP.

$19.50 Vintage Nordic tablecloth from evergreenlane
People don't talk about their prejudices against Norwegian people as often as they should.

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