Monday, May 9, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: Expensively Awesome

$1,250 scissor sculpture from sculptednailsandhair
Looks like a starburst or fireworks but industrial and a little scary.

$7,800 Teak and steel fan from Szostac
I'm a big fan of this.

$1,500 Fire screen with propane feeds from firegardenmetalworksI thought fire screens were supposed to keep fire out, but this one makes roasting marshmallows into an extreme sport.

$649 industrial table lamp from vkngpwr
Doesn't this lamp look like it could be the next Pixar star, running around on its little pipe leggies?

$1,790 Oceana demi-lune table from paulus
Walnut with maple inlay, some of us call demi-lunes "semicircles." Look at the cool leg arches.

$700 Steel panel queen bed frame from delia ($850 with shipping to US)
Doesn't it look like wood? It's not! You're always wrong.
It is weathered steel that has a cool texture. Also bedbugs will never get you because they don't climb up metal.

$1,560 Barn beam console table from thesteelfork
Shapes are good.


  1. OMG your commentary on this blog today made me laugh so hard! I am a big fan of this. You're always wrong. Please don't stop being my friend ever.


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