Friday, May 6, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

$345 Von Scott leather briefcase from fullgive
Comes with a free belt, which is fun. I like the curvy flap.

$75 Messenger bag with map typewriter fabric from florartec
Looks 3D but isn't

$64 Wool felt and leather small bag from kazzki
Unisex and sleek. Looks well-made.

$350 Leather postal messenger from Americanadrygoods
Nice, simple design.

$90 Explorer bag from sketchbook
 Good lines and looks expandable with the front pleats.

$8 Concrete legos (6) from Studio1015
This is what you get a depressed child in Soviet Russia and it is their only toy and they never get birthday presents.

$245 Wolfden coat rack from cantilever and press

$3,500 James River Falls carved coffee table from smithartwood
Can you imagine carving this all out of one giant block of wood? Someone has patience.

$8,600 roll top desk from janiesmash
FANCY. What pretty colors and shapes.

$22 birch mug from JimandGina
So pretty, I wish it was half the price and then I'd get 4.

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