Friday, May 20, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: Wall art stickers edition

I purchased some beautiful (if I do say so myself) 8' dark gray birch trees and put them up on one of my walls and I love them.
You can see a bit of them in action here:

Now that I am leaving my apartment to my lovely sister, she has asked that they stay, which is fine by me because even though they claim to be reusable I have no idea how to get them down without ripping them and making a mess.

So I might be in the market for some new wall art.

Etsy has a ton of sellers and designs, so here are some of my favorites:
$98 Birdch tree wall decals from designeddesigner
Clean with a little pop of color. and iF you don't want the green birds, you don't have to put them up.

$35 Damask decals from DesignDivasGallery
You get 10 decals per pack- it's like having wallpaper without the permanence. I would like this in a bathroom or small office.

$35 Chandelier with birds from urbanwalls
I'd probably pass on the birds in this one. The problem on Etsy seems to be that like in Portlandia, everyone put a bird on everything.

$84 Tree stencils from walldecors
And if you were really cool, you'd let people color them in when they come over.
Also you wouldn't make your friends sit lined up in chairs. That is like the worse tv-watching, socializing layout I can think of.

$48 Giraffe growth chart from coolgraphics
If your friends are like mine, they are spawning rapidly and need a lot of presents. This is better than yet another onesie.

$48 Leaf print from urbanwalls
OMG you're soooooooooo modern and hip I can't even sit on your angular and uncomfortable couch.

$74 Modern music notes from iwalls
Do you know any school music teachers? No, you don't, because they are all 80+ and weird and don't go out. But, if you did, this would be a fun present for them and their classroom. Do they even get classrooms anymore? Probably not. The educational system is in the toilet, people.

$39.95 Dinosaur from stickerbrand
I think it would be awesome to secretly order this and then put it on the ceiling right over someone else's bed or maybe wrapping around the inside of their closet and then see how long it takes for them to notice/scream.

You can also get your name, a lame-ass quote about love or reading, and more birds than you can shake a silhouetted stick at. But you'll have to find those on your own.

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