Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great online store: Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is a cute shop with some interesting apparel, home, and jewelry items.
Plus, there is some cool stuff on sale now!
$69.99 Phillips head screwdriver tuxedo buttons
More fun than the standard mother of pear

$59.99 Candlelight electriclight
A great combination that lets you choose the mood.

 $29 Copper solar soji lantern
These would be great for a garden or terrace. They collect light during the day and shine at night automatically. Plus they are pretty to look at even when they aren't on.

$19.99 Tree trunk bird feeder
A cute ceramic feeder that will bring birds to your window.

$9.99 Chunky Chalk
These colors are so sophisticated and nice in combination. They would make even your 3 yr old's sidewalk work look like a masterpiece.

$39.99 Geometric belt
Colorful and durable, woven in Peru. Would look great with jeans or over a loose white shirt.

$29.99 Grass luminary vase (small white)These vessels can be vases or candle holders, and when you put a candle in them, the grass blades glow with the light through the thinner ceramic there.

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