Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: Pet portrait edition

When you have maxed out your computer's hard drive space with pictures of Fluffy and it still doesn't seem like enough, you can turn to Etsy and have your pet portrait needs met in a variety of styles.

$199 Custom watercolor from PeggithaBonus: she will make your small child appear tattooed for no extra cost.

$55 Personalized wedding topper dolls with 2 pets from peanutbutterbandit
OMG what is next- will they let people marry dogs on cakes???

$275 Oil painting 11 x 14 by studiolara316
Looks like she only paints dogs, but I bet I could ask her to paint my bunny. She does a good job with white fur which can be hard.

$35 Custom watercolor 8 x 10 by dimdi
Good expression

$110 custom painting 8 x 10 by mandawife
I like her style, it reminds me of Tomine.

If those aren't realistic enough for you, how about this?
$395+ Perpetual Pet Freeze Dry Taxidermy

Please also watch this trailer for the documentary "Furever" and donate if you want to.

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