Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding shopping at Oriental Trading

Oriental Trading is famous (at least to me) for chintzy birthday party decorations, cheap plastic toys, and a fun catalog full of all the stuff you wish you could have won for your skeeball tickets.

However, it turns out that Oriental Trading is also a pretty good place to get some of your smaller wedding items like rose petals, napkins, and party favors.
Plus, free shipping over $49 when you use code WCE1834 at checkout.

These are some budget-conscious items that would make you do a double-take if you saw them at a classy wedding then heard how much they cost:

$4 per dozen Black and white takeout boxes
These would be great for putting small favors or candy in.

$25 for 2 dozen Personalized wedding mint tins
A party favor that also doubles as a favor to your guests who want to make out after dinner.

$12 for a dozen Personalized votive holder
These would look cute at each table, and you could take them home and reuse them later.

$8 for 1000 petals Colored fabric rose petals
Imagine how pretty these would be scattered down the aisle or on the tables.

Since it is still a crazy catalog though, there are some hilarious things you should not buy in there too:
Don't these pillars remind you of the Stonehenge set in Spinal Tap?

Wedding print toilet paper for when you are so sick of planning the wedding you just want to wipe your ass with it.

Hello dear, I got you this bouquet of roses....don't they smell incredi---AAAHHH YOU'RE ON FIRE!!!

P.S. NO I am not getting married.

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