Thursday, May 5, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: Mother's Day edition

Mother's Day is this Sunday, and if this is news to you, you are a terrible child.
All is not lost, though; you still have time to buy something and express ship it to your moms.
For Mother's day, try some mother of pearl (that way, you also get to imply that you are a pearl):

$40 Mother of pearl brooch and earrings set from CranberryManor

$68 Pearl and mother of pearl clip-on earrings from fadedglitter42263
A note about clip-ons- they aren't just for non-pierced ears! The Kara Ross ones I got are clips and the woman in the store said that many earrings would be too heavy for posts so they are clips by necessity.

$12 Vintage Mother of pearl pin
I like the idea of giving an heirloom-type piece from children-up instead of always from parent-down.

$125 Nacre shell case from MademoiselleChipotte
Wouldn't this be elegant as a pill case?

$12 Mother of Pearl fish hat pin from OpheliaVintage
A nice stick pin that would also look good on sweaters, scarves, in hair.

$23 Set of 7 mother of pearl handle knives from 40szen
These would be a great gift along with a cheese board or some ramekins to hold spreads.

$17 Mother of pearl sweater clips from andraliz
Would look especially pretty on a yellow or blue cardigan a la Michelle Obama.

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