Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

$89.90 Brown leather tube bag with noose strap from dandyflorence
Different and a conversation starter for sure.

$34.50 Mac blue cufflinks from iseevintage
Is there an Apple lover in your life?

$495 Pearl silver and gold women ring from wingedlion
I like this as an art piece and as an idea but I don't really like it as an actual ring to wear.

$396 ring from seldaOkutan
Here is another unusual ring with human figures on it. This looks like a depiction of a dystopian novel.

$85 Green fern printed silk purse from redrubyrose
Great for all the environmental cause galas you are going to this Spring.

$46 Silver acorn brooch from terminy
This would be better for Fall, but a great addition to a peacoat or to keep a scarf in place

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