Saturday, May 7, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: Sharp jewelry edition

Sometimes you just want to be pointier than nature made you, and luckily Etsy has provided a lot of adornments to help you out:

$85 Anubis ring from arosha 
I don't like shaking hands. Back off.

$21 each Aya, Blind, and Thorn pendants from HaremRoyal
A more convenient place to keep a swiss army blade.

$24 Black raven skull hair tie form mrd74
This one is great because it is a warning to the birds flying overhead of what will happen to them if they shit on your head.

$200 Predator ring from DanielleNicoleMetals
Do you need help with that soda can?

$130 pointed silver ring from JulieNolan
Let's thumb wrestle.

$19 triangle earrings from JaimePahiganWear these when you don't want to fall asleep in a meeting, and every time your head dips, you will stab yourself in the neck and wake up.

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