Friday, May 6, 2011

Recent purchases at Target

I had a good time at Target yesterday, where I tried on a bunch of dresses from their designer relaunch collection (now all 30% off, btw) and looked at a couple of the Calypso for Target pieces.

I ended up getting the Erin Featherston Bunny dress which looked less babydoll on me. I got a big-ish size so I have to shorten the straps but I think it will be really cute and might be my birthday dress.

$27.99 on sale

And I really liked the Calypso red sequin tunic but I didn't get it because I am not sure when I'd wear it with all those sequins.


I wish my Target had the pink silk crochet top tunic because I could see wearing that one to work, and it is silk which I love.


I looked in the shoe section and liked the Calypso wedges which are shockingly similar to the Express ones I ordered, but are slingbacks instead of step-ins.

Since my Express ones are so painful and the Target ones are pretty cheap, I might try to return them and buy these.

I also liked the look of some of the Calypso flip flops but when I felt them and looked at the soles they were very cheaply made, so I passed. Also, that is a lot to spend on flip flops that aren't going to last forever (as opposed to Havaianas which do).


I did end up seeing that a lot of the shoes were on mini-sale, and I saw the Maribel wedges in my size in the blush color for $2 off and decided to go for it. I'd looked at them last year and wasn't quite sure about them, but I kept thinking about them and it seemed like fate when they were some of the only ones in the store and were my size.
I wore them yesterday after I had to take off the Express wedges that were killing me, and they were comfortable and I am glad I got them.


I don't need a tote but I really liked the Calypso tote bag with silver sequins, and there was only one left so I decided to generously leave it for someone who did need it.


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  1. Is it possible to go to Target and not find something fabulous? I think not. I got a lot of cute stuff when I visited Target in Florida, including a nice grey work dress, and flat glitter flats.


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