Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hats in the belfry

It is such a good month for hats!
Remember that insane hat you bought to watch the royal wedding and pretend you were there with them?
Well, you have a great excuse to wear it the very next week; it's the Kentucky Derby on Saturday!
I could care less about races and gambling but I am a fan of minty drinks and stupid hats, and I am all about dressing up to celebrate.

If for some reason you didn't buy a crazy hat for the royal wedding (wtf were you thinking?), here are some funny but pretty options for the weekend.

$34.99 Top hat headband
It's a fascinator...No, it's a headband...No it's a MINI-TOPHAT!!!

$33 San Diego large ribbon hat
This one is a little too classy and wearable for the look I like, but if you want to look like you are a nice lady and not someone who just escaped a mental ward, you can try this.

$60 Turquoise fascinator
This is perfect for when you hate the person behind you and you want to make sure they can't see.

$55 Vintage straw hat
This one reminds me of the strikingly flat saucer hats I saw at the royal wedding (I'm just going to leave the sentence like that so it looks like I was really there.)

$20.69 feather church hat
What up, porcupine head?

$25 Pink church hat
Make sure the bag and shoes match!

$59 Champagne net hat
This one reminds me of that fruit holder I just bought that keeps out the flies!


  1. I'm going to a derby party, and OF COURSE wearing a fascinator!

  2. Yay! what does it look like?


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