Thursday, May 19, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

$40 Accordion sewing box from mrsrekameplp
My grandmother had one of these that she kept her buttons in and I loved opening it and playing with and sorting all the buttons.
If I got this one, it would be my new jewelry box since right now I have a million separate boxes that fall off my dresser all the time.

$50 Natural wood stool from carlavalverde
These are cool because they have no nails, joins or anything. It's just a hunk of tree. If you got a couple of them, you could stack them to make a nice sculpture.

$10 Typewriter key thumbtacks from repurposedantiques
Another way to make the office nicer.

$40 Egg box from Wiltsiebridgecs
Great for a country home or for storing little doodads.

$496 Eye chart room divider from MacheleI hate room dividers in general, but I especially hate how they are either faux-Asian or brocade annoying. This one is at least modern and interesting. Still a room divider though.

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