Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gap launches weird new Priceline-ish thing

So if you go to the Gap's website now, you can make a bid on a few pieces of their clothing and then they come back to you with a counter-offer, then you counter-bid and they give you a "best offer."
The site is called Say My Price.

It combines all the irritation of haggling at a souk with all of the boringness of Gap clothes. Thanks so much, Gap.

The selection is limited and I didn't like much of what they had, but I tried it out just to see what happened.

Slinky rib cardigan- originally $54.95, I bid $20, final offer was $27.95

Bobble scarf- originally $29.95, best offer $20

Open crochet cardigan- originally $64.95, best offer $50

Skinny gladiator sandal- originally $44.95, best offer $34

I didn't end up getting anything, but the first cardigan might be worth it.

I like the normal sale section better and I think this is a waste of time.

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