Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Etsy finds of the day: Spanish Edition

I'm going to Spain for vacation in a few weeks and I'm getting excited.
Here are some "Spanish inspired" pieces from Etsy.

$13 t shirt from neenacreates
No, little tee shirt, I love YOU!

$12 Boat brooch from lemontreevintage
Spanish Armada anyone?  
The Spanish Armada sailed from Spain in July 1588. The Spanish Armada's task was to overthrow protestant England lead by Queen Elizabeth I. The Spanish Armada proved to be an expensive disaster for the Spanish  but for the English it was a celebrated victory making Sir Francis Drake even more of a hero than he already was and even having an impact on Tudor Christmas celebrations!

$12 Wood castanets from souvenirsofspain
Clickety click.

$8 Vintage pen nib box from numeddura
Cool illustration and lettering, this small box would be good for keeping modern desk supplies like paperclips or flashdrives in.

$10 Vintage Spanish guitar brooch from stacie1965
Intricate details and cute green jeweled accents.

$40 Spanish colors poster from gracehesterdesigns
This would totally hang in the nursery of a graphic designer who wanted her kid to learn Spanish in the womb.

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