Friday, May 27, 2011

Stay cute in the rain

Today is a great sunny day, but this weekend we are headed for more storms. It's been an especially rainy Spring, which makes getting dressed less exciting and a little harder.

There are some option of what you can wear and still be fashionable when it's "wetter than sneezing in the shower," to quote a play my HS bf was in years ago. Here are a few at different price points:

Raincoats are hot and sticky and usually beige or black and very bland. I like lighter ones and fun colors.

$218 Oak army military poncho
Loose, geometric shape and short sleeves so you don't get too hot.

$59.99 K-Way Translucent hooded jacket
I love bright colors in the rain, and this coat is shaped nicely at the waist.


$29.99 Mossimo raincoat
Lightweight and cheerful

Are you looking for rain boots that you aren't ashamed of and don't have stupid prints that make you look like a toddler? I hate the Hunter boots that everyone seems to have now. I think they are clunky and boring and wayyyy overpriced for rain boots. Here are my alternatives:


$109.68 Loeffler Randall rain boots
I LOVE these! They look just like the Matilde boots that I covet, but in rubber. These are the kind of rain boots you can wear all day and not take off when you get to work.


$70.91 Kate Spade Randi boots
These have a low and sturdy heel for those of us who find it uncomfortable to switch to perfectly flat shoes.


$27.99 Quilted equestrian rain boot
Cool detail on top and look like boots I would wear normally.

Umbrellas are the Western world's last attempt at communal property ownership. Umbrellas come and go, you pick one up and put one down, and it never really seems to matter which one you end up with until it blows inside out and you want to kill it. Once I lent a friend my black umbrella and he came back with a blue one and a shrug of his shoulders.

Most umbrellas I see in NYC are the black Chinatown kind with the plastic hook handle, and those are cheap and work fine, but they all blend together and are a little drab.

Here are some umbrellas with a little more personality that you will be able to identify as yours at a restaurant and not end up with another one that looks like yours but with a broken leg.

$38 Echo batik print
Even the handle is patterened!

$22 Totes
Pretty polka dots in rainbow colors, plus I like clear umbrellas since the last thing you need on a gray rainy day is a dark umbrella casting dark shadows.

Another Steal:
$19.99 Pink daisy umbrellaAnd rain will make the flowers groooowww.

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