Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super Sad True Sunglasses Story

Because life is unfair, BOTH of my 2 favorite pairs of sunglasses have popped a lens.
Look at them being all sad and half-empty on my desk.

I can't even cut the sunglasses down the middle and glue one of each back together because it was the left lens that came out on both of them.

So what did I learn from this? Did I learn that maybe it's ok to spend more than $8 on a pair of sunglasses if you like them and want them to last?
I learned that my left eye is some sort of freak that is able to push out lenses without even touching them. Stay on my right side if you know what is good for you.

Let's just say that I did want to spend an actual, non-sandwich amount on new sunglasses.
These are some I might pick:

$289 Alexander Wang Zipper motif

$260 Dolce and Gabbana Animal print aviators

$185 Elizabeth and James Hudson Aviators

$310 Oliver Peoples

$98 Marc by Marc Jacobs

$330 Prada

$98 Marc by Marc Jacobs

$395 Tom Ford Raquel

Sunglasses are something you really have to try on in person, though. I think the ones above would look good on me, but I am not quite sure.

Why no Ray-Ban aviators?
Because I know they come down too far on my cheeks and make my eyes look droopy.

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