Thursday, May 19, 2011

Great online store:

Areaware has some neat designer-y pieces that would be conversation starters in any home. They are not terribly expensive for what they are, either.

$36 Bow bin
There is a variety of styles of these bins, made from hand-woven reeds and reclaimed plastic tubs. I like the high-low, natural-industrial look of them.

$160 Icosa light
This pendant lamp is made from felt and formed into a Fuller-esque geometric shape. Much classier than the paper lanterns that are everywhere.

$24 Two beeswax lightbulb candles
Get it? Because candles are the original lightbulbs?
Beeswax smells great and the removable stands can be used for other taper candles after the light bulbs burn out, so to speak.

$110 Brush vase
This chrome vase comes with a glass insert so the water doesn't leak out. I think it would be pretty with different height flowers peeking through the holes between brushes.

$140 Half mirror
One of those double-take items that looks totally normal at first and then you realize half of it is missing. The description on the site says it is to show the cut glass and profile of the frame edge, but I think it is more of a meditation on reflections and self-identity.

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