Thursday, May 19, 2011

Great online store:

Fabulous friend of the site Briana has alerted me to a cool store called
The site features interesting product designs that you can pre-order and then when they get enough orders, they move the item into production. It's kind of like Threadless but for appliances.

I found a lot of neat stuff on there that I would like, some already made and shipping, some in production, and some on hold for more orders to come in.

Here is what I liked:
$12.99 for 4 stem tethers
These purple things attach to your wine glass stems and your dishwasher rack so the glasses don't smash each other from the force of the water jets. Some people who I would never expose just stick their wine glasses in the dishy and hope for the best and haven't had any problems yet, but some other people actually spent more than $1/glass at Kmart and might care more.

$12.95 Style File
 I need this!
This rack lets you put each folded item on its own mini-shelf so when you want to take out the bottom one, the stack doesn't all fall over making you re-fold all of them.

$28.95 Plug Hub
I super need this!!
It's an elegant way to store cords, and for a pet bunny bonus, all the cords are out of immediate ground-sight.

$34.95 Stem garden
This cool planter filters overflow water down to the base unit so you never kill your plants by loving them too much and making their roots rot.
This is also good for keeping plants out of reach of animals who want to knock them over or eat them.


  1. Ooh thanks, I hadn't had a chance to explore the whole site so I appreciate you picking all the winners. If you were for sale I'd buy you as a time saver.

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