Thursday, March 31, 2011

Men's Sandals

It's hard for men in the summer, I know, because footwear is such a problem.
You don't want to sweat to death in closed-toed shoes, but there are hardly any good choices out there.
But there are some good choices!

My general rules are:
-not too strappy because then they look girly
-open toes since that is the goal (and closed-toed ones look old-mannish)
-not too much hardware
-leather is better and fancier than cloth
-not just a flip flop shape
-soles can't be too thick because it could look like you're wearing platforms
-not too much plain leather like a slide because that looks like a slipper/hospital shoe
-not too chunky or clunky- you need to see some foot in there
-medium or dark brown is better than black, especially if you are pale

Remember: flip flops are for the beach and not the city and sandals are only for wearing with shorts and not trousers. And no matter how much they cost, you can't wear them out to dinner at a place that has tablecloths.

Here are some in a variety of price ranges that I like:

$375 Ralph Lauren Iffingten
A little sporty but still classy and upscale.

$495 Prada woven criss cross sandals
As comfortable as Birks but look wayyyy better.

$36 Reef leather thong
A more casual option, but leather flip flops are nicer than fabric ones.

$79 Hi-Tec Vigorate sandal
Another mix of athletic and comfortable and leather.

$85 Birkenstock
Ok just get these. They come in a million colors and last a long time. Just make sure you don't accidentally pick up a pipe and an acoustic guitar. These things are like magnets for hippie accessories.

$44 Lassen Frey
The dark brown color looks nice and the buckle is a cool detail that is still manly.

$59 Type Z Russo 
If you like some decorations and don't like plain ones, these are pretty good.

$99 Bacco Bucci Peterson
These are a little different and I think they are cool. I like that you can see the stitching.

$138 Cole Haan Macao
These are right on the edge of being too "Euro" or girly for me, but I think the right guy could pull them off.

$44 Sperry Top-Sider Santa Cruz
If you absolutely must have something Teva-like, please do it like this.
or this:
$99 Born Bumper

$154 Naot Hendrik
These are on the verge of clunky but just make it past my censors. Naot is a great, comfortable, long-lasting brand too.

$415 Maison Martin Margiela criss cross
Nice color and just the right proportions. This is the kind of good design you can get when you have a bunch of money.

Fancy Bergdorf sandals

$295 python Alexandre Birman

$595 metallic Pedro Garcia

$795 pearl thong Rene Caovilla

$350 Asymmetric wedge Chie Mihara

$225 strappy wedge Ash

$375 two tone sandal 3.1 Philip Lim

$495 leather slingback Tod's

As you can see, I like shoes that I could actually wear. Maybe I'll do a post later on all the beautiful shoes that my feet would never put up with or look good in.

But all of the above are sandals that you could actually wear around town and not bleed all over from blisters or twist your ankle in.

Leather couch

I've been trying to have a more open mind about leather couches since they are so good for pets, but I keep getting stuck on the frat-boy-with-his-first-paycheck look of them.

Here is one I don't hate:

 $2,399 Loring leather sofa from Room and Board

The classic lines and not poofy but not too sleek shape of this couch work for me.

Fancy couch

$7,700 Tuxedo sectional from RC Green
This does look more formal and polished than most couches, even modern sectionals. I like the proportions and the two pillows which you could swap out for accent pillows and the little dark feet.

Etsy finds of the day

$80 Vintage alligator compact mirror
A little bit of elegance and luxury you can keep in your purse.

$795 Pearl ring
Inspired by deco design but modern and simple and made to order so it fits you perfectly.

$180 pea pod earrings
Clever and subtle detail that is only noticeable when you turn your head. I like secrets in my clothes.

$42 vintage dress and reversible vest
Look like a perfect school teacher on a Spring day.

$125 Perforated clay pendant lamp
I don't think it is the lamp that is making the cool wall pattern, but I bet this does give off little dots of light up above.

Tree branch canopy bed

$15,000 at SLmetalworks
This pretty bed acts as both the furniture and the art in a room.

Two cool watches

$120 Equilibrium watch

$100 Free time watch

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Upside-down black diamond band

$730 from machajewelry
I like the look of this one.

Dog raincoat

$10.40 from Tootlewear
How can you afford not to get it?
What do you mean your dog is an animal that comes with its own coat?

Hobo Adela rectangular leather bag

$218 at Zappos

Plain but not boring, would hold a ton, and the extra seams act as interesting design elements.

Non-Ugly Uggs?!

$33.88 Sechura sandal in chocolate

$45 Andaluisa sandal in charcoal is having a Ugg sale right now and to my surprise, there were some non-clunky, non-furry, decidedly wearable shoes in there!
There is also the furry clunky stuff if you want, but I would advise against it.

Etsy finds of the day

$345 faux bear skin rug from twostringjane
Cute and eco-friendly. My bunny would sit on this all day.

$22 Spiral aloe from Horticopia
Have you, like, ever really looked at your hand, man?

$45 lamb hat from sweetpeatoadtots
Warning: if you put your child in this hat, I will eat her face off.

$300 modern briefcase from Neikodesigns
Cool handle!

$36 walnut and gold necklace from MijiAndYou
The shape could look tribal or like an open book.

$45 Canvas bag in gray from Kinies
Good size, durable, and lots of neat pockets inside.

$15 Pink pyrex mixing bowl from vintagedoodads
So cheerful and pretty, this would make me want to mix more things.

$68 red checker dress from btbvintage
Good for the office or the sock hop. Would look even better with a white belt and nude shoes.

More diamond hoops from Overstock

$169.99 1/5 carat

$221.99 1/4 carat
Both are white 10K gold, I think the second ones are a little nicer in the design and setting.

DVF colorblock silk summer dress

$345 at Saks
Easy and breezy and not at all hot to wear. This dress looks like effortless glamor to me and I think it could be as formal or as casual as you wanted it to be, with the right change of shoes and jewelry.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lacey cotton cardigan

$69.90 at Mango
Light for summer and a feminine pattern.

Rachel Comey Compass dress

$452 at frances may

A great summer dress with a cute print and nice A-line shape. I like the detailing at the hips and that this is a summer day dress but isn't too revealing.

Word to the wise: All Saints on sale at ASOS

All Saints is a cool British brand whose NYC Soho store will be closing soon.
Here are some of their best deals on men's and women's clothes from ASOS.


$69.93 Carpenter Kam shorts
Denim men's shorts that aren't totally 80s or dorky? Sounds good.

$37.65 Sunday T-shirt
The right amount of faded and worn-in and touchable.

$89.65 Katro funnel neck sweater
Cotton and wool blend, nice shape.


 $98.62 Cupid dress
The print works well with the cut of the dress and I think it is flattering. I like the unusual shoulders.

$71.72 Striped cardigan
Cute asymmetrical buttons. I'd wear this more like a pullover than a cardigan, similar to how this model is.

$170.34 Anouk corset dress
I'd get the blue version. Cool details all the way around the dress.

$215.16 Lorrimer leather shirt
Looks soft and comfortable
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