Thursday, May 31, 2012

Faint on this: Victoria Lounge Chair

$1,290 Victoria Lounge Chair

This is such a cool shape. It looks vintage, but you don't have to deal with reupholstering or worrying about whether it will break or what funky things are hiding in the cushions.

The material is leatherette which means it can be washed with soap and water and you don't have to worry about ruining it within a month.

If I were the type of person who had a dressing room (i.e. very rich), this would definitely be in it.
I'd just fall back on it and sigh to one of my servants about how "I don't know what to wear.... I am surrounded by couture dresses but it doesn't seem like any of them are right for this ball."

I'd put this lounge so that it faces my wall of 1,000 shoes (pairs, not shoes) and I could admire them. I'd have fancy travel magazines (and US Weekly of course) on my mirrored side table next to it. Because I'd be spending a lot of time curled up on it in my cashmere silk-lined bathrobe.


Cheap mini Tarte cheek stain

$5.99 Tarte mini cheek stain in Cushion

I've written about Tarte before, and if you've read those posts, you'll know that I'm a big fan of their cheek stains.

If you want to try one out without spending a lot, you can get a mini version for $6, instead of the full size which is about $30.

You're welcome!

Anthropologie dress look-a-likes

Anthropologie released the Artist's Rendering dress a few years ago, which featured a really pretty floral pattern and fitted bodice and flared skirt in a woven (non-stretchy) fabric.

Now they've come back to that type of dress design with this:
$298 Anthro Revisited impressionist dress

If you like the look of that but don't want to spend the $300, here are some similar alternatives!

$156 Pin up Fifi Cherry Blossom dress

This one has the same floral theme and color palette, but a fuller skirt and flattering scoop neck and cap sleeves.

$139 Scene and Believed dress

By the same designer as the Fifi dress, and made from the same fabric, but with a more demure neckline and sleeveless.

$99.90 Zara Fish print dress

This one is more in the blue family and features fish instead of flowers, but the effect and shape are similar to the Anthro original.
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