Monday, May 14, 2012

Would you wear a refrigerator gel pad bra?

This is known as the "super cool bra" and comes with gel inserts so you can chill your boobs.
Made in Japan, as if I needed to say that.

I can't think of anything worse that wearing plastic shower caps on my chest on a hot day, but hey, maybe you need a bra with a wind chime and ladle and a teeny fan.

Also, the article mentions how useful this bra will be when nuclear reactors melt down and people don't have the electricity to power their AC.

There is just so much wrong with that line of reasoning.
I hardly know where to start.
Ok, let's try:

1. Nuclear reactor meltdown has just happened. Are you still alive?
2. Ok, you're still alive but your country is in shambles because of the NUCLEAR MELTDOWN. Your first concern is definitely going to be: How am I going to cool my boobs?
3. If there is not enough electricity, then how could you power your refrigerator to cool your bra to cool your boobs?
4. Do you store these in you "Break in case of emergency" box along with the fire extinguisher and emergency water bottle?
5. How will this look under a hazmat suit? Won't the ruffles show?
6. WTF is with that tiny thimble-sized ladle? What could that possibly be good for? Refreshing one nipple?
7. What are you going to do with the teeny fan? Make a nice breeze for your pet cockroach (your only pet who survived the nuclear meltdown)? Also, won't fanning the air spread the radiation?
8. If there is enough wind for the wind chime, why are you so hot? (Let's not even get in to why you need a chime)

My head is exploding. I am sure there are many more.

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