Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Privet House at Target

Target has teamed up with Connecticut home design company Privet House to create a new line.
Some of the items are really cute in a French country/traditional way.
I like it a lot more than Target's previous home collections.

Here are my picks:
$14.99 Cheese plate
Glazed ceramic, 11" long
Put some Jarlesburg on there!

$15.99 Set of 4 coral tumblers
I wish these were glass, but maybe plastic is better because then you can use them outside without worrying about people smashing them.

$24.99 Large serving bowl
Ceramic, 15"x14"
E and I have tons of serving dishes, but this is the one shape I don't think we have: a wide flat bowl.
Use it for pasta salad, beans, rice, salads, fruit salad...basically anything you don't need to retain that much heat (since the shape exposes a lot of the contents to air).

$34.99 Cream open crate
Wooden, 15"x11"x9"
Roll up your towels and store them in this.

$24.99 Cane sugar pillow
All cotton cover, 16"x16"
Put these on a blue or dark brown couch to make it look classier.

$34.99 Large straw basket
Much nicer than the plastic buckets you've been keeping your toys in.
You could also use this to hold bottles of wine for a party.

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