Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everything you ever wanted to know about pans

This article  has everything you want to know and more.

Shapes, materials, sizes, density, whatev.
Go learn a bunch of stuff.
Then we can talk about Rondeaus.

Listen to how complicated a pan can get:
Aluminum with an Interior Lining of Stainless Steel and an Exterior Lining  of Copper
- Otherwise similar to Aluminum with an Interior Lining and an Exterior Lining of Stainless Steel, with a copper exterior instead of a stainless steel exterior.
- Very expensive.
- Things to Consider:  Regardless of what manufacturers may claim, the copper exterior does not confer any of the thermal advantages associated with copper, because it is too thin to make any impact on the thermal properties of the pan.  It does, however, confer many of the maintenance issues associated with copper (see below).
- Representative Manufacturers: All-Clad (Cop-R-Chef line), Calphalon (Tri-Ply Copper line).

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