Wednesday, May 30, 2012

$15 Menswear

Whee! Time to hit the $15 Store again!
This time, the menswear section looks pretty good:

$15 (was $165) Live Mechanics Houndtooth wool jacket
Only in size 3XL

$15 (was $170) Live Mechanics gingham print green jacket
I love this one and wish I could get it for E, but sadly, only 3XL again.

$15 (was $90) Cloth Logic coat with epaulets
This one is a little longer than most jackets, which is good for windy days and also for guys with a bit of a gut.

$15 (was $107) Cloth Logic Brushed canvas blazer
I like the dark green color and the ribbed bands on the cuffs

$15 (was $79) Monarchy short sleeve button down Gingham patch shirt
I don't know how I feel about pre-sewn patches and intentionally old and distressed looking clothes, but the cut and color of this shirt are nice.

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