Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 ways of looking at a skeleton swimsuit

$143 Wildfox Couture skeleton one piece bathing suit

Now, you could look at this and say "Cool! Bones!" and you'd be right, bones are cool and the black and white graphic image is fun.


You could look at it and want it because it's a flattering bathing suit with a cute low back.


You could look at it and think about the stretchiness and thinness of bathing suit material and how it contrasts with the hard, structured nature of the bones pictured on the suit and see the image as a funny oxymoron.


You could look at it and think about how bathing suits are the clothing item that can be least about fashion and most about what your body looks like underneath the clothes, and think this is comment on internality, externality, and what we cover of ourselves.


You could look at it and think about how the ideal bathing suit body that we see in magazines is mostly just bones and boobs. The skeleton image turns into a comment on the male gaze and what is expected of women's bodies in our culture.

What do you see in this bathing suit?

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