Thursday, May 17, 2012

What to wear to work in summer: lace pencil skirt

Summer can be a hard time to look professional. You want to cover up, but you also don't want to sweat all over everyone.

Dresses are great, but I think skirts and button down shirts are even better. They are more versatile and you can wear one skirt a few days a week with different tops and people won't notice as much as if you repeat a whole dress.

Try a light and airy lace pencil skirt. You can get them in a bunch of fun colors, and they are modest but not boring.

Here are a few from ASOS:

$31 TFNC lace pencil skirt
This white version looks great with black, or you could try it with a coral or turquoise button down.

$25 River Island pink lace skirt
Ignore the belly-showing tube top and instead picture this a cream blazer over a black shell, with nude wedges. It's stretchy so be sure your undies don't show.

$18 ASOS yellow lace pencil skirt
The slim but structured fit on this one is very flattering.

$21 ASOS knee length pencil skirt
Here is a looser cotton blend version. This one is more modest and doesn't stretch like a bunch of the others, so it's probably a better choice for those of us with mushy butts.

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