Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cat litter cabinet

This is a really smart idea.
I always look at the SkyMall catalog and see the special fake planter that hides a litterbox or a faux cabinet, but using a real cabinet looks a lot cheaper and you have many more options of style.

It looks clean and unobtrusive.

Here is the inside:
You can fit a bunch in there!
"We offset [the door] a little bit by putting the door on the far back side, and putting the kitty litter box on the far front side. This lovely little design feature forces my kitties to jump out of the box and walk about on a kitty litter tracking mat seen in the picture above. This results in almost no litter tracking out side of the cabinet!...It keeps all of the kitty mess contained in a the container (there's room for the scoop in there too!) and there is virtually no smell!"
Seems like a great solution, especially when you are tight on space and have to put the litter box in your bedroom or living room and don't want it to smell everything up.


  1. the small cabinet is so nice...i like white cabinet all the much you purchase for this litter box? feel to buy 1 back.....


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