Monday, May 7, 2012

Cute containers from American Science and Surplus

American Science and Surplus is one of my favorite quirky places to shop.
They stock science equipment and manufacturing overstock and kits.
Each item is hand-drawn and has an often hilarious description.

Sometimes the items could be used for home organization and decor.

$5 for 4 Screw top amphora
This has handles you can loop a string through to hang off the wall. I think these would be cool in a line to hold pens or pencils or cut flowers.

$4.25 for 10 small glass Cobalt bottles
These would be great for spice mixes or to hold earrings for travel.

$3.25 for 8 Two-ended large tubes
You can use this tube to bring cookies to work or keep your crackers fresh.

$2.75 for 3 Glass barbershop bottles
These would be great to transport salad dressing or sauce to a picnic.
You could also make infused syrups and store them in these bottles.

$5.75 for 10 Northwest Airlines small glasses
I love the shape of these glasses and they would make for unique wine or champagne glasses.

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