Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sequins on sale at Nasty Gal

So many sequins! So few occasions to wear them! (At least if you're me)
Anyway, if you've been itching to wear something sparkly and feel like you've missed your chance, there are a bunch of shiny sale items at Nasty Gal to cheer you up.

You could even pair the blazer with the leggings and tank top and have a whole sequin suit!

Show your shoulders

The back has a sexy low draped cowl

These sequins are larger than some of the others. You could mix sequin sizes in one outfit for a mesmerizing look.

Rose gold ftw.

Slouchy sequins

I like tiny sequins on leggings. I have a pair like this from Express. The small sequins make the leggings look like leather or latex from far away because of the shimmer.

$40 Sequin Tuxedo blazer (was $58)
Sharp lines and slim fit

$32 Liza sequin jacket (was $108)
Loose and relaxed

So what do you think--is it sequin time?

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