Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mesh saddle shoes

$198 F-troupe Nubuck and mesh shoe

I love these!
They look like the traditional saddle shoe (familiar to every prep school kid) at first glance, but then you notice that the sides aren't tan; they're see through mesh!

I'm not into the clear shiny vinyl trend that is coming around again in summer shoes now, but I do like this mesh idea.

They look fashion-forward and delicate, and also a little tomboyish.

They would look great with bermuda shorts and a tight tank, or a girly floral dress.
Whatever your style is, I think it would be cool with these. They can go masculine, edgy, or femme.

I will say, that like Band-Aids, there is a little bit of a racial thing going on here because the mesh is peach (darker skinned ladies will not get the same "nude" effect). Other than that, I love 'em.

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