About Me

I am Rebecca and I like online shopping.
I also like sample sales and thrift stores and makeup and jewelry and home decor.

Feel free to send me samples to review or giveaways for my readers!
It will be fun, I promise. You can also get me things, I like that.

My shipping info: 
Rebecca Lessem
47 w 13th st #6D NY, NY 10011

My sizes:
Dress: 4 or 6
Tops: 4, small,
Bust: 32D
Pants: 6, 8 med
Shoes: 7
Ring: 5

My favorite things:
Clothes with animals on them
New makeup products
Nail polish
Wedge boots and shoes
Spinel, emerald, seed pearls, black pearls, iolite
Filigree jewelry
Technology and electronics organizers
This is Senator. He is my favorite thing in the world.

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