Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Etsy finds of the day

$8.90 Ruler notebook from presentandcorrect
When you finally realize you have nothing original or interesting to write, you can measure your fingers on the front and think of all the time you've wasted.

$3.95 Three Chile hot chocolate block from theticketkitchen
I am not above ordering food from random people on the internet. This looks like fun, you swirl the stick in hot milk til it all melts together.

$48 Hydrangea silver earrings from esdesigns

$220 Cloudy gem ring from artbywinona
I like the idea of putting designs in and around the stone, not just a traditional setting.

$475 herb barn from ecogrow
You could spend half your rent on a house for your plants, isn't that a good idea?

$495 piano dress from yullyawimmerman
Do you have a recital coming up? Don't know what to wear? Are you 100% insane? Are you a size XS?
If you answered yes to all of these questions, look no further. Your dress awaits.
Please don't forget to note the sheet music sleeve and the propped-up grand piano lid epaulets.

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