Thursday, May 1, 2014

3 cute one piece bathing suits on ModCloth

$80 Queen Bay one piece swimsuit

This bathing suit falls under my favorite category of eveningwear as swimwear. The elegant shoulders! The belt! The cut of the neck!
So pretty. And very Joan from Mad Men, no?
I like how you can wear the straps off the shoulder like this or you can pull them up into more of a V neck if you want more support.
It gets good ratings and is not that expensive (unlike some really pretty suits I just couldn't bring myself to buy)

$121 From Pier to There Scandale one piece swimsuit

The scallop design done in black dots and the black trim and halter on this bathing suit really accentuate the bust line and bring the eye right to that area, so I would recommend it to someone less endowed. The back is nicely full coverage too, if you are butt-shy.

PS- do you notice how this is the same model as the first pic? They use her A LOT. And they just keep putting wigs on her and stuff. It's a little eerie when you first realize it. WITNESS: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 

$38 Off to the Ocean one piece swimsuit

Super cheap option! And very cool. I like the lightning digital print. Some day I think we will look back on these photo prints clothes with disdain, but today is not that day! I still love them. And lightning while you are swimming?? DANGEROUS!
I am a big fan of how low the back is on this suit. Some one pieces are really high in the back and I'm like hey, I don't need to cover it ALL up...

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