Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spoon rests

Spoon rests: do you have one?
I don't.
I always thought they were stupid and a waste of space, but now that I am moving to a new place with a kitchen that has a lot more counter space, I am thinking I want one. I always end up putting spoons and spatulas (spatulae?) on the lid of whatever pot I am using or on the counter, and neither of those are ideal.

Here are some spoon rests so you can channel Martha Stewart

$17 Le Creuset
A lot of spoon rests are shaped like spoons, and then you put your spoon in them, and then they are SPOONING! get it?

$10 Spectro Euro standing spoon rest
This one is nice and vertical, and takes up less space on your stove or counter.

$11 Amco Stiletto spoon rest
I don't think E would go for this one, but it is fun.

$9 Silvermark spoon rest/salad tossers
Double purpose, and they look like pears to me.

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