Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Things I want from IKEA

Oh IKEA, I hear your siren song loud and clear now that I am moving.

One thing we absolutely need is a dresser that will fit our (read: my) clothing.
This is my top choice:
$299 Hemnes 8 drawer dresser in blue
I wish they had it in the natural pine, but they only have it stained and this is my favorite of the stains.

Another thing that has already caused a fight is E's disgusting, partially melted old flexible cutting board. He will let me throw it out once we get a new one, so that is top on my list.
$2.99 Dralla bendable cutting board

So really, we only NEED 2 things. But when you are at IKEA, things tend to go haywire.
In preparation, I am going to list the things that I want but don't need, hoping that I can limit myself to them when I get there.
$6.99 Dokument magazine files (2)
I have some cardboard versions of these where I keep my taxes and other papers, but someone fuzzy likes to chew them. Having wire ones like these might help for bottom shelf books, as well.

$149 Skruvsta Swivel desk chair
We do need a new desk chair, but we will want to sit on a bunch before deciding.

$49 Grevback bench with shoe storage
This would be nice for the entry way and a good way to remember to take our shoes off.

$19.99 Arv Brollop glass cake stand
I've always wanted one of these

$1.99 Dryck Elderflower and Lingon berry juice boxes
These are so good

$6.99 Sylt Hjortron (Cloudberry jam)
I have no idea what a cloudberry is but I love the taste of them.

$9.99 Ingolf chair pad
E has two stools (and I think they are even the Ingolf ones) that fit nicely under the overhang of our kitchen pass-through counter thing, but they are a little low so we need cushions. This is more of a need thing. I am recatagorizing it!

$9.99 Hutton 9 bottle wine rack
I'd like to organize our booze. I never have enough to organize, but E has fancy liquors and I'd rather them not just be in a pile.

$0.99 Vildbar Spray bottle
These would be great for homemade cleaning solutions.
The website says these aren't in store in Brooklyn though :(
$20 Komplement storage
This would be good to put in drawers to keep undies and socks separate.

$7.99 Skubb box with compartments
This one is also good to put in drawers but I have other plans for it. My Malm bed is too low to put storage boxes under (they are usually 6" tall) but these might fit.

$7.99 Komplement Multi-use hanger
I would loop scarves through these holes

Things we don't need so don't you dare buy them, Rebecca:
Spatulas/Mixing spoons
Pots and Pans
Cups and Mugs

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