Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things: Tarte cheek stain

I know it looks super hot pink, and it is. But when you put it on, it just looks fresh and warm. I like the smell of it and the size- all you have to do is smush it once on each cheek and then rub in.
I also usually put it on my lips as gloss afterward, too, but it tastes kind of bitter (which I now also like).

This shade looks good on me (pale, computer tan) and my sister (naturally olive skinned, world traveler) and I bet it would work on just about any skin tone.

I bought my tube at a Tarte sample sale (they should have another one of those!) a year ago or so and it is lasting forever. (Don't lecture me about throwing out makeup--I won't do it unless it looks or smells weird.)

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