Monday, August 15, 2011

I am an Organizing Organism

We are about 90% unpacked in the new place now, but some areas that we've unloaded are still not up to snuff.
The cabinet that holds spices, for instance.
I have a ton of spices and E has half a ton, and there is no wall space for my spice rack, so they are all in a cabinet now, roughly sorted by type. There is a "spicy" section, an "italian" section, etc. But you can't really see them since they are all in front of each other.

Enter a spice display, or as I call it, "bleachers for spices."
$13.99 Madesmart 3 tier Expandable Shelf Organizer
This one that I bought on Amazon is pretty standard looking but I like it a lot because it is expandable so no matter how wide your shelf is, you can extend the rack.

Then my attention turned to my (incredibly) large nailpolish collection. Right now all of the polishes are in a shoebox from the move, and I want to unload them so I can see them all, but I have a feeling E doesn't want them in a long row as a major design feature of the apartment as I used to have them.

We have a closet with shelves, and now I am back to the same problem as with the spices. I could have gotten another rack like the spice one, but there are holders for nailpolishes that are the exact right width. I bet you've seen them at nail salons.
$30 Professional Nail Polish Display
This one holds about 50 polishes in 5 tiers and should take care of most of my polish needs.
Mine are different brands so they won't look as neat as this picture, but I am going to organize mine by color better than these people did.

Side note-
Did you know that Amazon is an amazingly awesome place to get nail polish?
It is.
You can get sets, a whole season collection, and more for not much more than one bottle costs in the drugstore. The key is to wait until it's no longer the current season of polishes. Of course, if you see someone wearing the latest color, that is all you want. But if you have a signature color or like one from past seasons, Amazon is the place to stock up.
$3.50 Essie Classic Color Duo

$20.08 China Claze Crackle 6 color set

$2 OPI Lincoln Park After Dark


  1. That is cool. but I cant find a professional polish display at a good price. (I have but I forgot the web site and u would have to buy in bulk), anyway I built my own polish racks, But I would like to have the same three tire display/organizer on my desk big enough for my files, buffers and polish removers. Have you come across anything like that??? Check out my blog

    1. I think that a rack with no guard edges on the tiers, like the expandable spice rack at the top of this post, might work for larger items!


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