Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bonobos Sale is worth going to

I went to the Bonobos sale after work yesterday, and it was great.
They have pants and shorts on tables broken up by waist size, with many varieties and colors in each size.
There were also blazers, shirts, polos, swim shorts, and shoes (Bonobos doesn't make shoes but they carry Timberland, Generic Surplus, and others).

Pants are $50
Shorts are $25
Belts are $20
Swim is $15
Boots are $100
Dress shoes are $50
Casual shoes are  $30
Polos are $15

The blazers and dress shirts I don't remember seeing, but I did well on the other stuff.

I ended up with 2 pants, 3 polos, and 2 shoes, and my friend who I went with got 2 pants, 2 shorts, 6 polos, and a belt.

Plus there is free beer! Definitely a sample sale worth going to if you are a man who likes his butt to look good in pants.

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